@ 2019 Sewing into DreamsTM
Benita set out to make the ten little dresses but soon realized she needed help.  Fortunately, a friend had met a local designer named Marva Ballard who was operating a program teaching young girls how to design.  She told Benita to contact Marva and ask for help.  When Marva heard the story of Lauren’s ordeal and her dream, she remembered her own early childhold of which many days were spent drawing fashions on little stick figrues. There was no way she could say no.  More importantly, she knew it would validate Lauren’s dream and lay the foundation for her to make it come true.  What has transpired since Benita and Marva’s first conversation is an outpouring of love for Lauren and support for the place that is making it possible for children across the globe to live out their drieams by first giving them a chance at life - St. Jude Hospital.
At the age of five, Benita noticed that Lauren would sit and draw clothing on the little stick figures she thought of as her “fashion models”.  This passion continued as Lauren began to demonstrate her fashion sense in the way she dressed herself always having her own ideas about the way she wanted to look.  Although exaperating at times, Benita realized the need to further her child’s creativity.  She was doing so when she asked Lauren what type of birthday party she wanted for her seventh birthday in 2011.  Lauren expressed her desire to have a “fashioned-themed party” and not only that, actually designed the dresses for her ten guest to wear.  Amazed by the collection that Lauren had designed, Benita wanted to create something special and Sewing into Dreams was born.  Benita along with her daughters, Kennedy and Lauren planned for this wonderful party .
Benita will tell you that her job is being a mother to Kennedy and Lauren first.  She received a Bachelor of Science degree from Alabama A & M University in Accounting in 1993.  She was the owner and President of Dees Accounting and Consulting Service from 1995-2003.  In addition to homeschooling her girls, she is the 4H Volunteer Leader for Cordova 4H Club.  She loves giving back and works with several programs. Kennedy is currently a sophmore.  She loves music and plays the flute and currently learning to play the violin.  She also, is a ballet student at Ballet Memphis.  She was excited to be in her first performance of the “Nut Cracker” in December 2016. Lauren is completing her last year of middle school is in the 8th grade.  She is a 6 year  piano student and a competitive gymnast. She came in 3rd place at the 2016 Tennessee state competition Level 4 for her age group. The Lewis girls love giving back and making dreams come true as they continue to Sew into Dreams.
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